Study Centre

Embracing the new normal

With the world changing day by day, a lot more is happening online than it was before.This wave of change extended to the learning sector too. This gave birth to the idea of a well-equipped modern study center here in Kampala.
The New SLG study center boasts of a computer room / testing center, designed to accommodate and match the international standards for students who wish to take their tests online.

Located in Ntinda along Vubyabirengye road, the center is easily accessible.


Courses Offered

The study center hosts a number of classes to cater for the different students.
Short courses in Music, art, language and computer science are offered

Computer studies

Get ICT industry certifications such as Cyber security, Microsoft suite, Online marketing

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We offer different life skills such as tailoring, cooking classes etc

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Language School

Languages offered include, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and English.

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Tutoring Discussions

We provide a quiet clean environment for you to meet and study. Teachers who already have a group of students to tutor and in need of space and furniture can hold their classes here.

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Online Business School

The Online Business School delivers online university pathway programs
with full Undergraduate and Postgraduate Diploma Awards to learners.

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American Collegiate Live

Learn from US professors and earn course credits recognized at Universities throughout the US and Canada.

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