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Understands the complexity of making
the right choice

University & Course choice Counseling,
application processing & admission follow-up,
visa applications, Entry exam preparation, study and lifestyle advisory

For Undergraduates

Career path advisory for both local students
looking for education that will make them competitive
& international  students completing an international curriculum. 

Graduates & Professionals

We know the specialized universities world wide
suitable for further studies in your field be it for
professional short courses or post graduate programs.

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For Universities.
June 20th 2012 2755

For Universities.

For Universities searching for students enrollment agents feel free to carryout due diligence through your diplomatic mission or directly at our address below, we are open for partnerships with credible institutions that will add value to our database of institution…

Quality, Reliability, Experience & Total care

Working around the clock to ensure the delivery of high quality service

Our core values are Quality, Reliability, Experience & Total care. All processes are pivoted on those pillars. from the time a student approaches us we manage each process with a personal touch to ensure that the University guidelines are followed to the later and Students needs attended to on time until they are settled in to their Universities.


We know what you need and where to find the best quality service.


We are trusted by partner institution, foreign missions and hundred of students.

Total Care

Our students' counselors follow each process and inform applicant every step.

About SLG

SLG your one stop shop for University Course choice Counselling, study and lifestyle advisory on suitable Country of choice to study in, as well as University application processing, admission follow-up, visa applications and entry exam preparatory classes.

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