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SLG provides comprehensive service to help students get opportunity to study at Accredited universities worldwide.

Our counselling and consultancy services offer authorized links with hundreds of universities and colleges worldwide.

Our experienced counselors take into consideration the student's background -educational, economic, social and matches it with a huge database of options from various institutes worldwide so that a student's transition to education abroad is smooth and hassle free

 Our preparatory services train students to take English language and aptitude tests successfully


For correct information, professional counselling and expert advice, trust SLG.


We know what you need and where to find the best quality service.


We are trusted by partner institution, foreign missions and hundred of students.

Total Care

Our students' counselors follow each process and inform applicant every step.

About SLG

SLG your one stop shop for University Course choice Counselling, study and lifestyle advisory on suitable Country of choice to study in, as well as University application processing, admission follow-up, visa applications and entry exam preparatory classes.

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